Sunday, May 7, 2017


I listened to a Podcast that talked about Ansel Adams and at one point it talked about how he would use red filters which would change the way his images would turn out.  A few days later I read about Infrared Filters and what they would do, so i ordered one  (what I didn't read at the time was new cameras won't pick up Infrared) to play around with.  I had to use my old Canon SL1 to get the Infrared light picked up but I wanted to be able to compare it at the same time vs just changing an image into B&W in post processing.  The top is taken with a 15mm Zeiss lens on my Canon 5DM4 the bottom is with a 24mm lens with the Infrared filter.  
I love how it changes the sky and trees and I can't wait to play around with this more. If anyone has any recommendations on good cameras that will pick up the Infrared light without having to be converted to Infrared only let me know!  :)

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