Friday, April 28, 2017

Here goes..

You know when you go to work everyday and you feel like you should be doing something different?  I've been working in racing and have worked my way up to where I set out to be, I thought once I got here it would be exactly where I always dreamed of being.  Now that I've made it, I go to work dreaming of doing nothing but traveling around and taking pictures.  All my life I've been around photography, my Mom was a photographer and a very good one at that.  She taught me a lot about it even if I didn't realize thats what she was doing.  In my teen years my Mom ran a photo lab where i got my first job.  Editing pictures day in and day out.  It always drove me crazy how people would only want her to edit their pictures,  looking back it makes total sense.. She was great at what she did.  She took the time on every picture she laid her eyes on and made it better than it could have ever been with anyone else.  I guess without realizing it she transferred some of that desire to make pictures into something special was transferred.  I absolutely love bringing out the image I had in my head when I take the shot.  Theres something about when you finally get the picture on the computer and you see the true colors come out that otherwise were lost within the image.  

 So I'm setting out in hopes to one day travel around the world and be able to share the beauty of this amazing place we all call home.