Saturday, March 30, 2019

Murrays Mill fix

I think we all get in those creative ruts,  mine wasn't so much just not wanting to shoot but more so just uninspired.  Its March so the trees are still at that winter dormant time of year. I just don't find much beauty in bare landscapers. I started to get frustrated, I would go out to shoot something and just find myself questioning what I was even doing out there?  Why would anyone want to see these pictures.  So by mid March I hadn't really taken any shots that I liked or wanted to share.

 I was on my way home March 26th and the clouds had moved in,  the chances of a sunset seemed dim.  I got home walked my dog and went inside my house to watch tv or something, a couple hours later I just happened to look outside and noticed there was actually sunlight.  So I threw on some clothes and took off driving, where to go though. 🤔 It popped in my head I hadn't been to one of  my favorite spots in way too long!  Murrays Mill! I got to the mill about 20 minutes before sunset.  I was the only one there, the winds were calm the temperature was mid 70s, it was the perfect.