Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Falling in Love with Waterfalls...

Falling in love with Waterfalls

In the past year I have found a love, one that I have always been intrigued by but growing up in Wine country the thought of Waterfalls wasn't really on the Wine list. I know there are waterfalls in Cali, last year I went to some in Yosemite, they were epic, but Northern California I could not tell you where the closest one was to me as a kid.  North Carolina on the other hand has over 300 waterfalls.  From the 30+ I have visited so far they are all stunning in their own right.

  I moved to North Carolina when I was 21,  For the first 10 years that I lived here I did a few hikes here and there but nothing to crazy.  I never saw a waterfall although looking back I was close to a few but not realizing what beauty was so close but hidden within the forests of Carolina.  I didn't visit my first waterfall here till a couple years ago when I visited South Mountain state park with the 80' High Shoals Falls.  Sad I know, but people don't really bring them up while eating their doritos around the lunch table. Once I went to the first though it made me start to wonder what other waterfalls were close by?  I later googled "waterfalls near me"  and to my amazement, there was a ton of them. I Was shocked!  How could I live here for so long and never once hear about all these majestic falls?  Each one different and flowing with the personality that has transformed the rocks into something so breathtaking that you just want to sit there and stare at their allure.

Looking Glass Falls

The ones I have visited so far have varied in every aspect possible,  some you have to repel down a 15 cliff (there is a rope there for you) others are a short but nice hike from the road and then there are even some that are right next to the road for those that want it to be easy.

English Falls

 There is  even one called Sliding Rock.  Sliding Rock is a 60' granite slab where the water flows down the rock and  plunges  into a refreshing natural pool waiting for you at the bottom.  On Summer days the lines at are long but full  of kids waiting for their turn to slide down.
  Sliding Rock

Once I started going to one after another it turned into almost an obsession to see how many I could see in one day. Six is the most so far. Dupont State Park is full of them some of the biggest you'll see as well, High Falls and Triple Falls are both 125' tall.

Triple Falls

I spent most of fall this year chasing waterfalls hoping to find that perfect shot where the leaves were that perfect shade of red orange and pink that you can only find in those couple weeks in late October, or if its this year November but what I found was a love for waterfalls that has always been there but never realized.  What I found was I have lived in a state that is full of  beautiful falls and I hope to one day be able to say that I have seen them all in every season possible.

Catawba Falls

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