Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 2020...Well that was interesting.

I know we all are going to see all of the 2020 is going to be our year on our memories coming up.  Maybe it still was for you, I couldn't be any more happy for anyone that managed to turn the shitshow into their year.  I know for a lot of people its been hell.  I can't imagine being in some peoples shoes, those that lost loved ones, businesses, careers or all of the above.  For me, its been a year of unprecedented growth.  I finally was forced to have time on my hands and not able to go somewhere.  It was like locking a wolf in a cage and making him learn to do tricks. The only difference is this lone wolf needed to learn the tricks.

   When the world shut down I was living in a camper in a great friends yard, luckily I had wifi.  I studied course after course, video after video.   Almost exhausting my brain sometimes juts trying to learn these things that had always been on my to do list.  Its gave me the toolbox needed to do a lot of things I had only dreamed of before hand.  That bag of tricks isn't even close to full, but I do see the value of stopping from time to time to force myself to learn.  So now whenever I have something come up that I want to learn, I do it. I spend the money on the classes.  I take the time.  It pays off.  

    2020 was also the year where I made a few "investments" that failed miserably.  I really thought they'd work, blame it on 2020 cause why not but I know the reason they didn't work falls on me.  I tried but looking back I know that I could have done something different here and there and maybe made them work.  Truth is they failed cause they weren't my dream, they were an avenue to make money but I've Definitely learned if my heart isn't into something you won't get the results needed.  

   So how do I take these into 2021 and not make the same mistakes?  Well for one, take every moment to learn.  Then take that knowledge and pass it on to others, because as you pass those things on to others you're actually reestablishing it in your mind.  I was lucky enough to have a couple people take the risk of doing a photo class with me, it forced me to actually put my thoughts and instincts into words.  Not my strong suit but its something that left me wanting to get better art that in the future.  I want to do more videos in 2021 on how to do things.  I want to take others photo classes, especially Nick Page's.  If you haven't checked out his work I strongly encourage you to do so!  He's incredible.  His way of working with light is what I strive to be better at this year.

   On the personal side, I think 2021 is going to be the year I just focus on myself.  Easier said then done, 2020 was filled with an amazing relationship that was short lived, not due to trying on either side just not right time but it left me knowing that I still have work to do on me.  Even now I've gone on some dates with some really cool people but I've left thinking I don't have the time that anyone deserves.  Maybe I'll always be like that but I feel like I have things I want to do, dreams to make happen and they'll only happen if I focus on me.  And Cramer.  

*Side note I loved living in that camper and miss it quite a bit but its in great hands now.  

**Side note I plan on one day owning a van and living in it.  So I'll apologize to my family for how that sounds in advance. haha

Goals for 2021

  1. Make it in National Geographic. *This will always be my number one goal till it happens.

  2. Make the cover of a National Magazine.
  3. Get hired to shoot for an Outdoor company, REI. Backcountry. Outdoors. Kuhl. 
  4. Get to shoot a Nascar race for more than just fun.
  5. Shoot a drag race again. I've dreamed of that everyday.
  6. Hired for more magazine/company shoots.
  7. Build another car that wins a NASCAR race. It's been too long and my two guys deserve that!
  8. Be a better friend.
  9. Travel more.  
  10. Iceland.
  11. Glacier National Park.
  12. Climb a 14k foot mountain. 
  13. Colorado.
  14. White Sands National Park.
  15. Rim of the Grand Canyon. 
  16. Hawaii.
  17. Visit friends in Cali.
  18. The Pacific Northwest.
  19. New Zealand.
  20. Teach 4 classes and make them all leave way better photographers than they were when they arrived.
  21. Buy a Canon 1DX mark3
  22. Get all vehicle and camera debt payed off.
  23. Get Cramered featured by a national brand.
  24. Buy a van.
  25. Get featured on Canon Instagram.
  26. Work on being better at building others up. I try now but I want to be more consistent.

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